BioBuilds is bootstrapped by Lab7 Systems and uses a combination of corporate sponsorship and support subscriptions for continued support.

Corporate sponsors can leverage BioBuilds immediately as an opportunity to support Open Source science. Higher levels of sponsorship allow vendor-specific builds to be included in the free and commercial distributions, providing a fully-verified Open Source bioinformatics stack that can be immediately deployed on your hardware for your customers.

Sponsorship programs are designed to cover the cost of maintaining BioBuilds and support outreach activities.  If your organization is interested in becoming a sponsor of BioBuilds, please contact us for more information.

The BioBuilds White Label program provides pre-built versions of BioBuilds for use on instrument platforms or as a companion to software distributed with reagent kits. White-label releases can also include additional tools, including proprietary software, not included in the standard BioBuilds distribution. If your organization would like to offload maintenance of its software stack, please contact us for more information.

Current Sponsors

Lab7 Systems, Inc. – Lab7 curates BioBuilds.
IBM – As an IBM Business Partner, Lab7 has received support to optimize binaries and libraries and to publish BioBuilds for Power Systems.
Intel – Lab7 has received support to ensure binaries remain optimized and functional for Intel’s x86_64 architecture.

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